Galway lettering walk

The Galway lettering walk is a showcase of our photographic in-field documentation of shopfront-letterings in Galway city, Ireland. The photographs are accompanied by a description of the letterings containing information about location, address, name of business, kind of business, type styles and techniques, sign creators, sign documentation date, design, or craftsmanship interest about selected examples.

Styles and techniques


  • Serif (shadowed)
  • Sans serif (geometrical, shadowed, versal)
  • Roman (versal)
  • Script
  • Gothic
  • Uncial
  • Decorative
  • Irish-language letterforms derived from Irish typefaces


  • Hand lettering (on wood, on wall)
  • Letter fixed at a distance from its background: metal (i.e. aluminum, brass), ceramic, glass, wood, Foamex
  • Stone-carving (chiseled, sandblasted)

Creators (sign painter / company)

Signwriters active in today’s Galway are Tom Collins, Manus Duggan (retired), John Herrick, Mike Kenny, Margaret Nolan, Vincent Rogers (retired), Tomás Tuipéar, Pat Bracken, inexpert signwriters.